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Welcome to The GoddessLife Sisterhood

The GoddessLife Sisterhood is a social media platform for healers, rebels, teachers and artists who crave a safe place to swim in the sacredness of being a woman and are ready to step into their power by tapping into their inner goddess. Think of us as an online Wonder Woman Island, where women learn and train to become the best, most empowered versions of themselves through bellydance, writing, sacred sensuality, rituals, magic and the Divine Feminine. In contrast to other platforms, on the glsisterhood, women share wisdom, skills, gifts, and resources to elevate each other and become a force of change. Together we slay our dragons, heal our past, embrace our lioness instincts and transform into warriors, priestesses and leaders to usher in a new era of feminine power

We are the ones we have been waiting for! 

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