Welcome to GoddessLife Sisterhood

Rise Together

Welcome to The GoddessLife Sisterhood

Imagine feeling...

  • Comfortable in your own skin, and love your body, no matter your age or weight or body type or sexual preference.
  • Meeting kindred spirits, your soul sisters from all over the globe who will inspire, support and elevate your vibe. 
  • Experience true belonging. Reconnect with self, reconnect with the Feminine, reconnect with sisterhood.
  • A sacred space for the transformation’s women encounter on their GoddessLife’s journey.

Sisterhood includes

  • An experience that exists nowhere else, but more importantly – a lot of conversations that exist nowhere else.
  • Weekly GoddessLive Happy Hour
  • Online Monthly Full Moon Dance Party & crystal charging
  • Find a little inspiration, swap stories, experiences, and ideas with our amazing Sisterhood!
  • Exclusive daily self-care practices and empowerment mindset techniques to change the ordinary into extraordinary, the boring into badass, and the dreary into darling. Everyday!

One woman is powerful, but ...

The GoddessLife Sisterhood is unstoppable! Together we can move mountains and calm the ocean. 

Women are the heartbeat of every community, and when you inspire, support and lift-up women to be the most radiant and powerful versions of themselves, we can change the world.

Join The GoddessLife Sisterhood today. The Sisterhood awaits you.

Who we are:

We are boss babes; a tribe that elevates one another to be our absolute best and stands by us at our absolute worst; a squad that loves men, but hates patriarchal nonsense; a gang of goddesses who could choose to compete but opt for the higher road of collaboration; a community of queens who fixes each other’s crowns without letting the world know it was crooked; a circle of women who shun jealousy; who resist comparison; who rebuff name-calling; who turn away from gossip.

About me

Hello! My name is Dolphina. (Yes, that’s my real name, but no, I wasn’t born with it: I was given it when I was 19 after a near-fatal boating accident in the Caribbean and I was rescued by dolphins). Today I am dedicated to empowering women to unleash their magnificent inner Goddess & certifying them to become Goddess Workout Bellydance Instructors. I’ve appeared on Conan, Sex and the City, The View & featured in Time, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Fitness Magazines. Currently traveling America in a converted school bus empowering a Gang of Goddesses and creating a sisterhood online and IRL.

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